The Importance of Dental Cleanings

Keeping teeth clean and healthy starts at home. Brushing and flossing twice a day is the first line of defense to keep tartar and plaque away. But brushing and flossing should be enough, right?

Not so much.Dental Cleanings

No matter who your dentist is or which local Santa Fe dental clinic you might frequent, every dental professional will stress the importance of twice-yearly dental cleanings. That scraping, and polishing isn’t just an unfortunate event that must be endured; cleanings are an essential part of maintaining good oral health.

Cleanings can tell the dental professionals a lot about your health. Whether you have health problems, or you feel that you’re perfectly healthy, your mouth health may tell a different story. Many times, illness can go undiagnosed but will show up in dental changes. Hygienists and dentists will note these changes and encourage you to see a doctor if changes start looking suspicious.

The same goes for those with pre-existing illnesses. Abrupt changes in oral health are noticed by the dentist and he or she will advise you to see your regular doctor to manage your health a little better.

Cleanings definitely help keep the cavities away and prevent tooth loss. While no one likes having their teeth scrapped, that scrapping is actually helping remove hard-to-reach plaque build up and tartar. Regular removal of plaque promotes healthy teeth and lessens the chance of cavities developing. Likewise, for tooth loss. Cleanings will keep the teeth healthy, avoid cavities, fillings and tooth extraction caused by decayed teeth.

Gums benefit from cleanings just as much as teeth. Healthy teeth won’t stay in a mouth for long if the gums are diseased and receding. Dental cleanings help prevent gum disease by getting the plaque and tartar at and just below the gum line. This will keep those gums clean and disease free.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons to get teeth cleaned every six months—it saves you money. Yes, it does cost money to get a cleaning but that is a small deposit to preserve oral health and avoid further tooth and mouth issues. Regular teeth cleanings will help you avoid more extensive and expensive dental work like root canals and fillings by maintaining maintaining oral health.

So, don’t skip the cleanings and save your mouth and smile.