Microscopes and Dentistry

There seems to be a never-ending number of procedures to protect, restore or preserve mouth and teeth health. From cleanings to fillings to root canals, dental procedures, though sometimes unpleasant, are a vital part to keep the mouth working. Consequently, one newer form of dentistry doesn’t require lasers or smaller drill parts — it requires a medical microscope.

The same microscopes that have been used medically for the last fifty years have found a home in the dental office. So, what are the reasons a patient would want a dentist who specializes in microscopic dentistry?

Seeing More

As simple as this sounds, seeing at higher magnification allows the dentist to pinpoint exactly where the problems are. Dental microscopes magnify from 2.6 to 16 times which allows the dentist to have a much clearer view of teeth and gums. Under microscope, problem areas like microscopic cracks and fissures are easily seen and addressed.

Makes Seeing Easier for the Dentist

Being a dentist can be tough on the eyes. The mouth is a very small canvas when compared to the rest of the body which means small spaces and lots of squinting to see these spaces. This can lead to eye fatigue for the dentist. As a patient, having a dentist with eye fatigue could mean that problems will be missed. Microscopic dentistry helps prevent this and gives the dentist a better picture of what’s happening inside the mouth.

Better Sight Means Better Care

Being able to see better and clearer allows the dentist to work more efficiently, cutting down on time spent per procedure and offering the best care by targeting the exact area and addressing any additional problem areas that may be found. What’s more, a dentist who can see better and work more efficiently can also cut down on time a patient is in the chair — a benefit for nervous patients.

Even though microscopic dentistry has multiple advantages, most dentists have yet to utilize it. Dr. Devin Giron and his Santa Fe Dental Team have broken from the “usual dentist” mold and offer microscopic dental services to provide the best care for his patients. With increased vision, accuracy and efficiency are combined to ensure dental procedures run smoothly and unseen problems are addressed and fixed.

As oral problems arise, dentists should also adapt to provide the best care for their patients. In many cases, the best care is provided with the help of a medical microscope.

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High end optics, purified water and air, warm lavender towels are part of Dr. Devin’s care for his patients