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Having a mouth pain is a problem. Not having Insurance is an Inconvenience. Let us deal with both.

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Do you avoid smiling because of broken or missing teeth?
Have you stopped eating your favorite foods because of difficulty biting or chewing? Are you worried how much dental work like tooth extractions will cost? Is fear of the dentist keeping you from looking and feeling your best?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, we want to see you.

dental insurance solutionsWe specialize in working with patients who may have gone a while without seeing a dentist and who may not have dental insurance. We understand your concerns and fears and we’re committed to helping you walk out of our office looking forward to your new smile.

But good dental care isn’t just a flashy smile. Your teeth and gums are the gateway to the rest of your body. Routine exams with professional cleanings are vital to your overall health.

There is a wonderful feeling of relief and freedom in being able to smile without shame or bite into your favorite food without fear of breaking a tooth. Let us help you achieve that confidence!


If you don’t like going to the dentist, you’re not alone. It’s a rarity to hear someone say they like having a dental check-up. And for many people, dental fear and anxiety is often the barrier that keeps them from fixing both noticeable problems and preventative care that causes those problems.

It’s because of fear and anxiety that we listen to our patients first. After speaking with you, we take every measure to ensure that address and alleviate your specific concerns, anxieties and needs to ensure that you have a positive dental experience.

We get it. The sounds and sights of the dentist’s office are not everyone’s favorite. Most people get anxious thinking about needles and jump at the sound of the drill.

anxiety going to dentistAnd while both may be a necessity, we do our best to minimalize the fear and anxiety surrounding this experience. For the needle, we use an extra-strength numbing solution. It’s so effective most people don’t feel anything!

For the drill, we offer headphones and your choice of music to calm your nerves. For those with larger anxiety issues, our practice offers nitrous and oral sedation (including anti-anxietals like valium). We’ve even commissioned a talented local artist to create soothing original works for our walls.

What’s worse than going to the dentist? Going back to the dentist.

We love to see you, but you may not necessarily love seeing us. Don’t worry. Our feelings aren’t hurt. A big part of the philosophy of our practice is to minimalize the number of times our patients have to come in. Unlike other offices that focus on one tooth at a time and require multiple visits, we believe that if you allot enough time for complicated procedures (including time for scheduled breaks), the job can get done with a minimal number of visits without feeling rushed.


Did you know that your teeth are the strongest bone in your body? Did you also know that life expectancy is at an all-time high? That’s the good news.

But with good news, also comes reality – nothing is unbreakable. All of us grind our teeth at night – some just grind more than others. Over time, small issues become big issues. And just because it ain’t completely broke, doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to get it fixed.

Today’s fracture can easily turn into tomorrow’s break. As people are living longer, they’re also wearing out their teeth – hence the need for a crown. If you broke your arm, you’d get a cast. Think of a crown as a cast for your arm. Your first set of teeth was a blessing and a quality crown is just a second swing at rebuilding the original.

But crowns also have to be replaced. If you broke the hardest bone in your body, what makes you think that you won’t break the crown that’s been placed in your mouth? Insurance says a crown will last five years – maybe longer if you’re lucky and take care of yourself. But chances are, it will need to be replaced.

Dentistry can last a long time with proper maintenance and prevention and there is such an emotional freedom to being able to bite into something without thinking that you’re going to break a tooth.


Are broken teeth making it difficult for you to chew food and smile in public? Form follows function. And broken teeth aren’t just unsightly, they’re impractical and potentially painful. So why live with them?

broken-toothThink of your mouth like your car. If your car is out of alignment, one tire will wear more than the others. And then other tires will start to wear in odd spots. Teeth are very much the same. If you have uneven bite function, certain teeth will start to break down. Over time, small issues will become big issues. Today’s chip or fracture can easily turn into tomorrow’s broken tooth.

Should you break a tooth, it’s important to see an emergency dentist immediately! The important thing is not to let cost get in the way of a healthy mouth. Dental plans are great, but it’s not a requirement of good preventative or emergency dental care. We see patients who don’t have insurance and our practice is always happy to work out payment plans to suit all budgets.

Making your mouth a priority today can put off a lot of pain (both physical and financial) tomorrow.

mouth-painMOUTH PAIN
There’s nothing worse.

A lot of people confuse passing mouth pain that comes from drinking something too hot, with tooth-related mouth pain. Both hurt, but unlike burning your mouth with hot coffee, time won’t heal the pain that stems from tooth and gum-related problems.

Many types of pain are due to cavities, gum infections and BITING ISSUES. WE OFTEN SEE cracked teeth, a problem easily treated with crowns. Still, many people wait, thinking the pain will subside OR THE CRACK WONT GET BIGGER. The pain won’t get better on its own and the crack will only get worse or lead to additional problems. Waiting can turn today’s cavity into tomorrow’s root canal, or worse – extraction. Why wait until the pain is unbearable?

dental-anxietyBut tooth problems don’t just cause pain in the direct area. A non-visible broken tooth in the back of your mouth can also cause discomfort to your tongue or on the section of our mouth that has contact with the jagged surface.

If pain is telling you anything, it’s that you should see a dentist right away. If broken teeth are untreated, they’ll only get worse and decay.
If you think the pain is bad now, imagine how bad it will be if it breaks into the nerve?

All of this, of course, doesn’t have to be a pain in your wallet. If you don’t have insurance, a payment plan can be worked out. Lack of insurance can be an annoyance, but it doesn’t have to be a pain.

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